About Us

La Roseau Boutique is a new up and coming Women's apparel and lifestyle brand. Through all my 10 years of work experience Top Luxury sales, warehousing, office I started my own clothing brand La Roseau Boutique.  We are dedicated to giving you the best online shopping experience. Proud to announce the partnership with our new warehouse in Miami and Los Angeles we plan to continue to bring you the Hottest styles in today's apparel and Fashion.

Our team works around - the - clock to bring you the hottest fashion trends. We listen to our customers and are always finding new innovative ways to improve and deliver the most coveted styles. It's our top priority that our community always feels confident and included. Regardless of shape, size, personal style, or gender, we're here to fit everyone.

Today La Roseau Boutique's mission remains the same - making affordable fashion accessible to customers around the world.

Fun Fact: La Roseau Boutique is named after the owner's family original birth place in Dominica. The capital of this beautiful island is Roseau. Hence the name La Roseau Boutique.